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AREVA Inc. Technical Center Accreditation Extends Capabilities Beyond Nuclear

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May 27, 2015

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CHARLOTTE, N.C., May 27, 2015 – AREVA Inc.’s U.S. Technical Center has recently received the ISO 17025 Laboratory Accreditation and can now offer equipment qualification services to a range of industries.

With this accreditation from the American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA), the U.S. Technical Center can provide component testing and calibration services to the aircraft, automotive, consumer electronics, medical, information technology, HVAC and telephone industries. For example, AREVA can offer seismic testing to demonstrate compliance with international building code requirements.

“Accreditation of our U.S. Technical Center gives companies from various industries confidence that our test methods and quality system meet the internationally recognized, rigorous ISO standards,” said Marty Parece, vice president of Products and Technology, AREVA Inc.

Located in Lynchburg, Va., AREVA’s U.S. Technical Center offers full-service safety testing capabilities. Originally developed to support AREVA’s nuclear activities, this facility features a seismic analysis laboratory with a tri-axial shake table capable of testing items weighing up to 10 tons, environmental chambers to assess thermal aging and component performance in harsh conditions, and metallurgical and chemistry labs to evaluate material properties.

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