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Mini ID Temper Bead

Remote Machining and Welding for Small Bore Nozzle Repairs

Mini ID Temper Bead<br>

2013 “Best of the Best” TIP Award

Nearly 60 U.S. plants have the potential for Primary Water Stress Corrosion Cracking (PWSCC). When plants age, the likelihood of PWSCC occurring in a Dissimilar Metal (DM) weld increases substantially. AREVA’s Mini-ID Temper Bead (IDTB) welding techniques can eliminate all Alloy 600 from service and implement a permanent solution for continued component integrity. The mini-IDTB process was originally developed for Bottom Mounted Nozzles (BMNs); however, it was used to successfully repair 119 pressurizer heater nozzle locations in 2012. We can perform mini-IDTB weld mitigation of your BMNs with the RV in the flooded condition, reducing radiation exposure and impact to your outage schedule. This is an adaptation of our IDTB CRDM repair tooling — successfully proven with extensive experience.

As a result of extensive research and development, mini-IDTB allows for as much as an 80 percent decrease in weld volumes, thus reducing risk and schedule.

  • New lower heater sleeve is inserted and mini-IDTB weld installed
  • Weld process joins new heater sleeve to the bore ID by the remote GTAW process (ambient temperature temper bead welding)
  • Weld is disassociated from the original heater sleeve attachment weld

Features & Benefits

Reduced weld volume

  • Reduced weld time — compared to a standard ½ nozzle technique and a pad weld, the new nozzle weld install is approximately 4 hours versus approximately 18 hours
  • Schedule savings: Repaired 119 locations (with a schedule savings of 33 days compared to standard weld technique)

Design specifications

  • Water-cooled, 300-amp capacity
  • Dual axis wire manipulator
  • Single weld vision with renewable optical cover
  • Integral light guide
  • Remote iris
  • Actuated weld filter
  • Conventional gas lens

Highlights of the AREVA Repair Process

• Thermal Sleeve Removal (If Applicable)

• Roll Nozzle in Repair Region

• Machine Weld Prep & PT Weld Area

• Perform Ambient Temperature Temper Bead Structural Weld

• Prepare Welded Surface For NDE

• Perform Post-Repair UT & PT

• Remediate Rolled and Repaired Areas

• Install Replacement Thermal Sleeve (If Required)

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