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Innovative solutions for planned and emergent PWR repairs

With more than four decades of emergent repair experience, AREVA’s Component Repair & Replacement team can help you safely and effectively address your PWR repairs needs — and protect the integrity of your plant.

AREVA offers a full suite of innovative solutions for PWR repair challenges. With field-proven technology and repair methods, AREVA can adapt to your specific needs and create customized solutions for planned or emergent repairs. Our breadth of knowledge and turnkey solutions with a focus on first-time quality give you the most efficient response, and our all-in-one sourcing saves you time and enhances efficiency. With full in-house NDE and engineering organizations, we can support your needs cradle-to-grave. Our mission is to help you – our customer – enhance personnel and plant safety, improve human performance defenses, simplify plant processes, and reduce cost and schedule.

Half Nozzle Repair

Eliminates Alloy 600 from service and implements a permanent solution for continued BMN integrity.

Permanent Canal Seal Plate

Pressurizer Heater Repair & Replacement

Predictable, Cost-Efficient Outages