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Solutions to your PWR internals needs

EPRI and MRP-227 have driven the implementation of aging management plans (AMP) since 2008, and now the NRC requires an AMP two years prior to license renewal.  Aging management plans require numerous inspections to ensure the continued safe operation of your nuclear reactor. Materials experts consider baffle-to-former bolts in the core barrel extremely susceptible to degradation and cracking over the life of the plant. As a result, EPRI MRP-227 calls for 100% examination of accessible baffle-to-former bolts as supported by plant-specific justifications. To help you maintain core integrity, AREVA continues to focus key efforts on baffle bolts.  

AREVA can tailor plans and products to support utilities in submitting an AMP for life extension as well as perform inspections and prepare for and implement the necessary repairs and replacements. We have invested significant resources and personnel to meet the needs of our customers and their plants on this issue. AREVA is leading the way for internals inspection and repair with creation of the internals strategic plan, and we will continue to address any actions relative to that plan. Let us help you achieve safe, extended operation and fulfill your commitment to the industry.

Control Rod Guide Tube Shuffles

AREVA has the ability to perform removal operations and install new CRGTs in the upper internals.

Control Rod Guide Tube Replacement

AREVA has the ability to perform removal operations and install new CRGTs in the upper internals.

Internals Bolting Replacement – Baffle Bolts

Worldwide, AREVA has removed or replaced more than 8,700 core barrel and baffle-to-former bolts to date.

Internals Bolting Replacement – Clevis Bolts

AREVA performed an unprecedented replacement of clevis bolts at a U.S. plant.

Core Exit Thermocouple Replacement / Repair

AREVA now offers a safe solution using the proper resonant frequency before removing your old thermocouples.

Securing Jammed Fuel Assemblies

AREVA has developed a solution to safely and rapidly secure and remove the fuel assembly.

Upper Internals Fuel Pin Repair & Replacement

AREVA provides a full package to repair and — if the damage is too great — to replace fuel pins.