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Industry-Leading Major Component Replacement

Utility leaders count on AREVA for a wide range of component services from design and fabrication to management of plant assets. AREVA manufactures control rod drive mechanisms (CRDMs) and integrated head assemblies (IHA) / enhanced service structures (ESS) as well as reactor vessel heads (RVHs), steam generators (SGs) and pressurizers. In addition, as your full-service vendor, we can provides design, fabrication, project management, installation, heavy rigging, and disposal services.

With a culture of operational excellence and continuous improvement, ongoing review and implementation of lessons learned from previous outages are a crucial part of our process – and lead to enhanced success for your major component replacement. And our proven experience has enabled us to achieve world-record outage performance working in tandem with you – our customer.

Integrated Head Assembly / Enhanced Service Structure

Improved safety features, reduction of up to six critical path outage days

Reactor Vessel Heads

AREVA is the world record holder for the best RVH Replacement

Steam Generators & Pressurizers

Over 20 years of industry-recognized experience in replacing heavy components

Predictable, Cost-Efficient Outages