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Electrical Equipment to Ensure Plant Reliability

The increasing competitiveness of today’s nuclear energy market presents new challenges and opportunities for investing in plant improvements. Obsolescence, lack of spare parts and performance issues create a widespread need to upgrade various plant systems and components. Our product family advances the state-of-the-art, from the most complex digital Instrumentation and Control system to form-fit-function component replacement.

  • Variable Freq. Drives

    Variable Frequency Drives

    By upgrading to Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) plants may derive significant benefits including increased reliability, reduction in electrical houseload, improved flow control and environmental benefits.

    Targeted applications include the replacement of motor speed controls for Reactor Recirculation Pumps, Cooling Water Pumps, Motor-Generator (M-G) set applications or any large pumps with control valves.

    In addition to saving energy, our proven VFD technology can improve profitability through enhanced control and reduce maintenance. Also, VFDs address the obsolescence of aging M-G sets, improving reliability, reducing maintenance and decreasing fire loading.

  • Safety, Non-Safety Motors


    Our broad scope of safety and non-safety related motors provide our customers quality, flexibility to meet their requirements, short lead times and delivery performance. We have world-class teaming resources for new and specialty motors with Siemens (Allis-Chalmers), Baldor-Reliance and Specialty Motors (Jeumont Electric.)

    AREVA can work with you to determine the best solution to meet your needs. New motors often have better efficiency and can improve your margin in plant house loads, heat loss, cooling systems and qualification.

    AREVA's greatest value add is providing the right products, strict project management, manufacturing experience, and engineering oversight on these types of projects to meet the rigorous demands of our nuclear customers. Our team is committed to enhancing plant reliability and minimizing impact on outage schedules. Plus, we enable you to reduce maintenance costs by providing a direct channel for on-site and off-site field services.

    We are constantly improving technology to ensure that we safely meet your needs for reliable motor operation. We understand the costly implications associated with motor maintenance and work diligently to ensure that we have the resources in place – when you need them. Look to AREVA for all of your motor performance needs. You can expect certainty and count on us to deliver.

    Key Benefits:

    • Can provide complete turnkey installation
    • Our resources and experience help reduce overall costs
    • Easy access to inventory
    • A known source that you can count on
    • Project management and manufacturing experience
    • Engineering and product oversight
    • Spare motor availability cuts power reduction
  • MCC Buckets, Breakers

    MCC Buckets and Breakers

    AREVA’s I&C and Electric Systems group provides life extension and modernization solutions to address the reliability of electrical distribution systems in today’s nuclear operating fleet. AREVA partners with world class electrical equipment OEMs utilizing propriety design access agreements to deliver solutions for safety related, non-safety related and augmented quality electrical equipment including low and medium voltage switchgear, motor control centers and panelboards. Due to drivers such as product obsolescence, reliability and general maintenance concerns, utilities are faced with adequately addressing these systems to ensure the continued reliable, safe operation of their plants.

    AREVA offers solutions to assist in these areas whether customers wish to replace entire lineups of low and medium voltage switchgear or motor control centers or if they choose to address just the main components. In the latter case, direct replacement low or medium voltage power circuit breakers or replacement MCC buckets can be provided with all the latest technology made to fit in the original OEM’s switchgear or MCCs. In some cases, a combination of both can be achieved.

    For example, in the medium voltage area, the switchgear may be able to be refurbished while the original air circuit breakers are changed out with up to date vacuum breaker replacements. In all cases, AREVA provides the rigorous engineering, quality and project management oversight our nuclear customers expect. 

    AREVA also gives customers insight on how their electrical distribution system is performing at any given time with innovative solutions for bus and load monitoring. When upgrading obsolete equipment, the time is perfect to add devices that provide real-time, online monitoring of critical motor control center loads or the health of medium voltage bus.

    Tying everything together, AREVA offers a complete Distribution Equipment Reliability and Life Extension program. From a complete evaluation of a customer’s electrical distribution system to recommending upgrades and incorporating smart monitoring solutions, AREVA provides a high level of confidence that plants operate safely and efficiently today and for years to come.

  • Emerg. Generators

    Emergency Diesel Generators

    AREVA offers total solutions for Emergency Diesel Generator reliability and obsolescence concerns, from design and manufacture of complete new EDG systems and generator replacements to engine control upgrades.

    Also, utilities are installing an additional Emergency Diesel Generator (EDG). Often these EDGs are stand alone and provide a greater Depth of Design for their emergency power source. AREVA has global nuclear power plant experience in installing EDGs on site. Our project management expertise along with nuclear capabilities make us an unmatched resource.