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Intelligent, Proven Baffle Bolt Inspection

AREVA’s Award-Winning Vessel Inspection Technology Provides Proven Baffle Bolt Examination Capability

  • Extensive MRP-227 baffle bolt examination experience in all plant designs, including 4-loop Westinghouse plants
  • NEI TIP “Best of the Best” Awards five consecutive years, including our 2012 baffle bolt exam VT and UT examinations and engineering analysis at Ginna
  • Baffle bolt UT and VT is performed by our proven, robust Submarine System for Inspection (SUSI)
    — Examine more than 20 bolts/hour
    — Remotely operated from outside containment
    — Qualified UT techniques and transducers for multiple BFB and plant designs
  • Data acquired and digitally recorded
  • Real-time analysis and dispositioning

AREVA has the experience and the tools — ready to deploy for your outage

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