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AREVA Has Replaced Over 8,700 Internals Bolts

AREVA Has Replaced Over 8,700 Internals Bolts

  • Replaced more bolts than any other vendor
  • Recent bolt replacements include
    — Clevis bolts in 2013
    — Baffle bolts in 2011
  • Production rate
    — ~10 bolts per day with single mast
    — ~15 bolts per day with dual mast
  • Less setup and teardown time than other baffle bolt replacement technologies
  • Improved bolt design for lower stress concentrations — no qualification necessary
  • Crimp cup locking mechanism — no welding required for installation
  • Mast extension allows replacement with core barrel in the vessel
  • Compact tool heads do not require hoists for removal
  • Improved EDM filter system design for lower dose and water clarity
  • Extensive EDM experience for reliable production rates
    — Eliminates risk of FME vs conventional machining
    — Eliminates machining issues with embrittled materials


EDM eliminates FME risks and provides proven, reliable performance at a lower cost.


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