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AREVA Nuclear Materials

Sam Shakir is the Chief Executive Officer of AREVA Nuclear Materials (ANM), based in Washington, D.C. (click image to view bio)

AREVA Nuclear Materials (ANM), is the U.S. subsidiary of New AREVA, a global company that manages and transforms nuclear materials to serve the development of society and support the generation of clean energy.

In the U.S., ANM offers products and services that span the entire nuclear fuel cycle and applies proven technologies to processing waste streams, dismantle and decommission nuclear facilities, and package and transport radioactive materials.

AREVA Nuclear Materials contains five business lines:

  • AREVA D&D (Decommissioning & Dismantling), based in Washington, D.C., applies global D&D expertise to the U.S. market, including the planned dismantling of the Vermont Yankee reactor vessel during decommissioning.
  • TN Americas (formerly AREVA TN), based in Maryland, is a global provider of storage, transportation and field services for used nuclear fuel and radioactive waste, with its NUHOMS® used nuclear fuel storage system securely operating at more than 30 U.S. sites.
  • AREVA Federal Services (AFS), based in North Carolina, provides nuclear fuel cycle technologies and environmental management services to the U.S. federal government, and is a key partner in the MOX Services consortium building the MOX Fuel Fabrication Facility (MFFF) in South Carolina.
  • Mining, Conversion, Enrichment (MCE) Sales, based in Virginia, is a competitive provider of long-term uranium contracts for U.S. utility customers.
  • AREVA Med, based in Texas, is developing cancer-fighting isotopes for radioimmunotherapy, with research progressing for the next phase of FDA approval.

In 2016, the businesses now grouped in ANM generated more than $900 million in sales from U.S. activities. ‎

The global companies of New AREVA and AREVA NP are being created through the transformation of AREVA SA business lines into these two separate entities (dynamic infographic, press releases).

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