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Through our Engineering and Licensing teams, AREVA helps our customers power the world with safe, clean, cost-effective nuclear energy by providing products and services that specifically address key plant-wide programmatic and regulatory issues.

AREVA is the industry leader in License Renewal Services. Our team has led or participated in more than half the license renewal applications submitted in the United States to date. With more than 40 years of pressurized and boiling water reactor plant experience, AREVA has compiled an unparalleled nuclear reliability knowledge base and is committed to keeping our customers safely online. We offer a complete suite Reliability Improvement solutions and tools including: component criticality assessment, plant/system/component performance monitoring, effective corrective action execution including our internet-based corrective action program - WebCAP, single point vulnerability solutions, life cycle management services and preventive maintenance optimization.

As we enter the nuclear renaissance, AREVA is fully prepared to support the growth of nuclear power as we understand and anticipate our customers’ needs.

  • Large Component Disposal

    Large Component Disposal

    Expert project management results in successful component replacement projects.

    After replacing large components, safely packaging and disposing of them is essential for effective plant operations. That is why utilities are turning to AREVA, not only for replacement projects, but also for removal, packaging and disposal of large components. Our project management organization can plan, coordinate and manage all aspects of the heavy component replacement project.

    With the breadth of the largest nuclear supplier, we have the right resources to offer lower risk and measurable savings from project integration with expertise in several areas including Component Repair and Replacement, Steam Generator Replacement and Engineering.

  • License Renewal Services

    License Renewal Services

    We bring a cost-effective and focused approach to license renewal.

    AREVA’s License Renewal Team offers the broadest and most experienced collection of License Renewal expertise in the nuclear power industry today. We have lead or participated in more than half of the license renewal applications submitted to date.

    Our goals are focused on extending the plant operating license in the most cost-effective and time efficient manner possible. We apply our proven project management approach, which ensures an effective and efficient License Renewal process. Attributes of our approach include a detailed project plan, resource loaded schedule and formal procedures/guidelines to ensure the timeliness, consistency and quality of the project deliverables.

    The project objectives are the identification of structures and components subject to aging management review and the programs necessary to manage the identified aging effects. Preparation of the license renewal application for submittal to the NRC clearly demonstrates the process followed, the results achieved and the necessary assurances that the requirements of 10 CFR Part 54 have been met.

  • Nuclear Fuel Storage Services

    Nuclear Fuel Storage Services

    AREVA operates one of the world’s largest nuclear power plant engineering organizations and is a recognized leader within the nuclear power industry. Our experienced team of professionals understands and anticipates nuclear fuel storage needs to help customers power the world with safe, clean, cost-effective nuclear energy. Our global resources excel in all phases of nuclear power, including plant design, licensing, construction and operation. And, we are fully prepared to support the growth of nuclear power as we enter a new era of opportunity.

    Our team can manage your entire project from start to finish. From initial project planning through implementation, we partner with you to ensure on-time delivery and worry-free performance. We’ll share our technical innovation, system capabilities, operational requirements, licensing insights and the many life cycle cost variables that can affect your facility. With substantial experience in both wet and dry spent nuclear fuel (SNF) storage projects, our dedicated team of engineers, managers and technicians has the depth of experience, backed by a highly successful track record, to meet virtually any SNF project challenge — from site selection, to facility engineering, licensing and construction, to Independent Spent Fuel Storage Installation (ISFSI) operations.

  • Reliability Improvement

    Reliability Improvement

    Let our experience be your gain.

    AREVA is the world’s premier supplier for enhanced nuclear plant reliability products and services. With more than 40 years of pressurized and boiling water reactor plant expertise, we have compiled the world’s largest nuclear reliability knowledge base. AREVA's global network combines American, French and German engineering expertise to provide comprehensive answers to reliability questions.

    Our well-stocked reliability “tool box” includes: (1) single point vulnerability analysis, (2) plant maintenance optimization projects, (3) predictive maintenance program development and execution, (4) a suite of human performance tools (featuring the corrective action software WebCAP), (5) system and component based asset management methods, (6) preventive maintenance (PM) living program software, (7) operations mentoring, (8) outage optimization methods, (9) and advanced rotating machinery diagnostics.

    The result? Field-proven methods that reduce plant forced outage time, improve performance, lower maintenance costs and enhance safety.

    We help utilities achieve top plant performance through the application of the following industry standard reliability improvement methods:

    • Component criticality assessment
    • Plant/system/component performance monitoring
    • Effective corrective action execution
    • Establishing reliability feedback methods for continuous improvement
    • Effective life cycle management and long range planning
    • Cost-effective preventive, predictive, and corrective maintenance implementation