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AREVA’s DMT Process Improves Performance At Surry 2 Outage

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January 27, 2010

January 27, 2010

After a successful deployment of the new Deposit Minimization Treatment (DMT) at Dominion’s Surry Unit 1 in the spring, AREVA is pleased to announce an even better implementation at Surry Unit 2 this fall.

DMT is a soft cleaning process developed by AREVA to remove accumulated deposits from steam generators. Other maintenance methods often increase outage time and generate liquid waste that requires plants to transport the waste to an offsite treatment facility for disposal. The new DMT processes waste on-site, therefore there is no remaining liquid waste to be transported and elimi-nated. This drastically reduces costs typically associated with a hard chemical cleaning.

Additionally, the DMT chemistry utilized may be applied in a short outage window and is flexible enough to work around other steam generator outage tasks. DMT is applied during Mode 5 via connections in the blowdown system, thus requiring no containment entry and thereby minimizing the impact on other outage activi-ties. The soak time of the DMT solution is minimal which affords outage man-agement teams flexibility in arranging complex work schedules.

The objective of the Surry Unit 2 DMT was to remove as much or more deposit than was removed during the Surry Unit 1 DMT application and subsequent sludge lancing. AREVA exceeded this goal. At the Unit 1 spring outage, DMT removed over 2,200 pounds of deposits. At Unit 2 in the fall, approximately 2,550 pounds of deposits were removed.

“This is another example of world-class technology and innovation that AREVA provides to help our customers reduce outage time and improve operations,” said Mike Rencheck, Chief Operating Officer, AREVA Inc. “We are committed to providing innovative solutions and developing CO2-free energy in the United States and around the world.”

Additionally, AREVA’s Chemistry and Technical Services in Lynchburg won an internal sustainable development award for the development of DMT. AREVA’s semi-annual Sustainable Development Awards highlight and reward the ingenuity of fellow employees across the globe, while demonstrating the company’s sin-cere commitment to reward innovations that are environmentally sustainable.


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