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Orano TN Expands Reactor Pool Cleanout Services with BSI Specialized Equipment and Teaming Agreement

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June 08, 2018

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Washington, D.C., June 8, 2018

Orano TN, the Orano subsidiary providing used fuel management and transport services, expanded its reactor pool cleanout products and services portfolio through a recent specialized equipment purchase and teaming agreement with Babcock Services Inc. (BSI).

The specialty equipment for reactor component volume reduction and processing enhances Orano’s used fuel pool cleanout services, and includes a compactor/shear for control rod blades and fuel channels, a velocity limiter shear, a satellite roller ball punch, and a mobile rod cutter. This equipment combined with Orano’s industry workhorse TN RAM Type B transport cask provides customers with a turnkey solution for effective reactor pool services to remove used fuel and obsolete radioactive components into secure onsite dry storage.

In addition, Orano and BSI signed a teaming agreement to continue using BSI’s experienced operations staff and innovative engineering support for executing these projects.

The Orano and BSI team recently completed a used fuel pool cleanout project at a shutdown pressurized water reactor (PWR) in coordinated operations, including the packaging and shipment of irradiated components and used fuel racks. A key innovative success was the use of a unique thimble plug spring removal tool that significantly reduced the remaining amount of Greater than Class C (GTCC) waste in storage.

“Forming a closer relationship with BSI creates a multiplier effect in what we can provide our customers,” said Greg Vesey, senior vice president of Orano TN. “Combining resources and proven expertise provides both certainty and innovation in a field defined by rigorous procedures and timelines.”

The new equipment is intended to expand Orano’s services in the commercial and federal markets, including the U.S. Department of Energy, and international regions.


Orano TN has offered customers integrated nuclear logistics solutions for more than fifty years. Across the fuel cycle, our 900 employees worldwide deliver unique expertise in the design, licensing and manufacturing of casks and in shipping operations, whether by road, by rail or by sea, together with the highest level of risk management. Orano TN is also a world leader in used fuel management and offers dry storage solutions and services suited to each market.

Orano USA, a subsidiary of the global company Orano, is a leading technology and services provider for decommissioning shutdown nuclear energy facilities, used fuel management, federal site cleanup and closure, and the sale of uranium, conversion, and enrichment services to the U.S. commercial and federal markets. With its parent company Orano, Orano USA has more than 30 years’ experience in decontaminating and dismantling nuclear facilities, and more than 60 years’ experience securely transporting and storing used nuclear fuel. Prior to January 2018, Orano USA was AREVA Nuclear Materials.

BSI specializes in professional and technical services, including project management, engineering management, construction management, waste management, operations management and supervision, project controls, estimating, work planning, engineering design and build, and fuel pool clean-up at commercial nuclear facilities.

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