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Mining in North America - AREVA Resources Canada

Aerial photo of McClean Lake mill

The Mining business group covers the activities of prospecting for new deposits, extracting and processing of uranium ore and the reclamation of sites after they have been mined. AREVA is the second largest producer of uranium in the world, with a market share of around 16% in 2011.

Key Figures

Saskatchewan is the world's second largest uranium producer

  • AREVA's Saskatchewan production was 6,000,000 lbs of U3O8 in 2011
  • Cluff Lake site employees have gone more than 4,300 days without a lost time accident.
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Overview of Mining in Canada

AREVA Resources is committed to protecting the environment and building relations with its stakeholders.

Mining Activities in Detail

AREVA Resources Canada specializes in uranium exploration, mining, and milling in Canada.

Locations in Canada

Location and contact information. 

Press Release


Press Release

AREVA’s Reverse-Engineered Control System Modernizes Nuclear Energy Facilities

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Press Release


Press Release

Athabasca Basin Communities Renew Partnership with the Uranium Mining Industry

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Press Release


Press Release

AREVA TN Celebrates Opening of North Carolina Facility to Produce Concrete Components

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Photo Bulletin


Photo Bulletin

AREVA and Jefferson Forest Boys’ Soccer Team Score 5,400 Meals for Campaign Against Childhood Hunger

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Press Release

AREVA Roadmaps 2016-2020

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Global Mining Activities

AREVA was the number two uranium producer in the world in 2011, with a broad portfolio of mines in operation and projects under development.


Discover Mining Activities

Prospecting for, producing and selling uranium, with a commitment to efficient performance and social and environmental responsibility, are the main activities of AREVA’s Mining activity.

50th Anniversary Video
Work for AREVA
Kiggavik Project

The Kiggavik Project in Nunavut is operated by AREVA Resources Canada Inc.