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Solutions for Power Generation with Less Carbon

Graphic Rendering of AREVA Clean Energy Park

AREVA provides a response adapted to the needs of electricity generators in both nuclear energy and renewable energies. The range of solutions is comprised of an array of capabilities and technologies enabling competitive production that is safe and respectful of the environment.


The AREVA offer aims to produce competitive, safe, clean electricity as part of a global approach covering nuclear and renewable energies.

Fuel Cycle Optimization

Range of offers for Security of Supply, Flexible Fuel Cycle Solutions, and Fuel Cycle Engineering and Licensing

Operations Excellence

Offering solutions for fuel reliability, outage excellence, and plant reliability.

Plant Upgrade

Providing options to support power uprate, life extension, and I&C Modernization.

New Builds

New reactor options with the U.S. EPR™ Reactor, and engineering services, manufacturing & equipment, fuel cycle solutions to support new builds

Used Fuel Solutions

End of cycle solutions including dry storage, transportation, engineering products & services, radwaste storage, as well as recycling, reactors & services, and used fuel plant services.

Federal Services

Supporting decommissioning and decontamination, High Level Waste management, site operation and technologies for the U.S. Department of Energy


The AREVA Renewables portfolio includes concentrated solar, off-shore wind, biomass, and energy storage

Clean Energy Park

An AREVA Clean Energy Park business model combines the development of baseload nuclear power with renewable energy construction, including solar, offshore wind and biomass power.

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