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Plant Upgrade

AREVA’s solutions-based approach to plant upgrades incorporates years of industry experience, a blend of A/E and OEM expertise along with an owner/operator perspective to maximize plant performance while minimizing expenses. AREVA understands the importance of being predictable and repeatable and believes this is our value added part of the solution. AREVA is a value-added part of the solution, not simply a staff augmentation labor provider. We collaborate with your engineering teams and other stakeholders to provide shared knowledge and experience, driving for the right solutions to be implemented at the right time.

Power Uprate

Uniquely positioned to offer utilities power uprate options to increase the maximum licensed power level.

Life Extension

The industry leader in license renewal services for life extension.

I&C Modernization

Applying digital technology to replace controls systems while enhancing plant safety, availability, performance, return on investment.



Optimum I&C Performance
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