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Enrichment: Further Progress in the Construction of AREVA’s Georges Besse II Plant

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October 12, 2010

October 12, 2010

Another important stage has been reached at AREVA’s Georges Besse II plant. After the first centrifuge cascade, which began rotating in the south unit in 2009, the centrifuge assembly in the  north unit has been completed.

This is a major milestone which will allow the group to start installing the centrifuge components in the north unit of the plant.

For Michael McMurphy, Senior Executive Vice-President of AREVA’s Front-End Business Group, “These achievements are important steps in the construction of the Georges Besse II plant. They testify to the fact that one of France’s largest construction projects in the last 20 years is running to schedule.”

Construction is now into its fourth year and when completed, the plant, located on the Tricastin site, will comprise two enrichment units (north and south). Thanks to its modular design, production will progressively increase to 7.5 million SWU (separative work units) by 2016, two years ahead of forecasts. This will enhance AREVA’s position as a major player on the world’s enrichment market, on which it has almost a 25% share.


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