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Savannah River Site

Enhanced Chemical Cleaning at the Savannah River Site

Orano also works as a subcontractor to the DOE for the operations of the Liquid Waste facilities at the Savannah River Site (SRS), in Aiken, South Carolina, as a member of Savannah River Remediation, LLC (SRR).

Operating and Maintaining Liquid Waste Tanks at Savannah River Site

Savannah River Remediation safely operates and maintains all 243 radioactive liquid waste tanks located at the DOE complex. These facilities include:

  • Defense Waste Processing Facility (DWPF)
  • Actinide Removal Process (ARP) / Modular Caustic Side Solvent Extraction Unit (MCU)
  • Saltstone
  • Effluent Treatment Project
  • Tank farms/performing tank closure.

Orano delivers enhanced chemical cleaning, engineering expertise in melter technology (vitrfication), and vitrification plant operating experience to support tank closures and maximize DWPF throughput.

Enhanced Chemical Cleaning (ECC)

Orano designed, procured, installed and operated our Enhanced Chemical Cleaning (ECC) System at the tank farms as the primary method for tank closure. Subtasks to this system include:

  • Real Waste Test Engineering - Determine final design parameters
  • Hazardous Simulant Testing - Learn impact of safety basis design changes
  • Conceptual Design - Initiate full scale design and cost basis work

Melter Technology

Orano also provides expertise in melter technology to support engineering enhancements and production improvements to the Defense Waste Processing Facility’s (DWPF) current melter technology.

The Vitrification Process and AREVA’s decades of experience

Long-term storage of radioactive waste requires the stabilization of the waste into a form which will not react, nor degrade, for extended periods of time. One way to do this is through vitrification.
In short, Vitrification is the process of turning radioactive waste into glass.  In a hardened state, the radioactive material is encased, preventing it from leaking.

Orano brings extensive experience in operating High Level Waste (HLW) vitrification facilities to the SRS having operated LaHague and Marcoule vitrification plants in France for 50 years and will provide these important lessons learned to SRR.


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