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AREVA Successfully Completes Davis-Besse Nozzle Modifications for Safe, Reliable Operations

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July 09, 2010

July 9, 2010

AREVA’s experienced team and timely response helped successfully modify control rod drive nozzles at Davis-Besse Nuclear Power Station in Oak Harbor, Ohio, allowing the plant to resume safe and reliable operations last week. In the middle of a busy outage season, AREVA organized, trained, and assembled teams of more than 100 people and deployed them to the site.

Spring inspections revealed a total of 24 nozzles needing modification, a process involving removal of the lower half of each affected nozzle, re-welding, inspecting and testing the remaining section to ensure each nozzle met and exceeded the requirements for structural integrity. With a focus on safety and quality, AREVA worked diligently to complete repairs to assist the plant in re-starting and running safely. The job was completed with no safety incidents and below the project radiological dose goals.

“Our number one goal is the success of our customers. This is just one example of performance, combining a focus on safety and quality to deliver results and customer service that our industry expects,” said Mike Rencheck, Chief Operating Officer, AREVA Inc. “We established an experienced team and, because of the critical nature of this project, added additional management and Quality Assurance (QA) oversight to focus on our performance. AREVA is very pleased with the teamwork and effort on the nozzle repair. Our partnership with FirstEnergy displays the same level of teamwork we show all our customers. We endeavor to be inclusive, open and transparent so the collective team finds the best solutions.”


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