AREVA Earns Recognition from Nuclear Energy Institute

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May 24, 2010

May 24, 2010

AREVA was recognized nationally by the Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI) and three winning customers at the annual Top Industry Practice (TIP) Award program held at the 2010 Nuclear Energy Assembly. This coveted industry award program recognized AREVA and its customers for excellence among peers as it celebrated the industry’s most innovative techniques and ideas.

NEI is the nuclear industry’s policy organization and the TIP awards recognize industry employees in 14 categories. Additionally, the “Best of the Best Award” is given to an overall winner in honor of the late B. Ralph Sylvia, an industry leader who was instrumental in starting the program in 1993.

AREVA and its customer – Entergy Nuclear’s Palisades Power Station in Michigan – were honored with the “Best of the Best Award” for the innovation of a device, the gimbaled head. It greatly improves the inspection of reactor vessel heads for both control rod drive mechanisms and the in-core instrumentation. The AREVA-Palisades team adapted the new technology over three years with many challenges and successes along the way.

“At Entergy our culture is to be persistent in the pursuit of excellence,” stated John Herron, president, CEO and chief nuclear officer for Entergy. “Winning the top honor with AREVA is special,” he concluded. Entergy recognized the AREVA effort by donating a portion of the monetary award on behalf of AREVA to the Greater Lynchburg Habitat for Humanity.

AREVA shared an award for community relations with Exelon Nuclear for the planning and execution of the transportation last fall of two replacement steam generators to Exelon’s Three Mile Island nuclear power plant. Called “the most complex delivery in AREVA’s history,” the journey of the two 510-ton steam generators spanned 75-miles from Port Deposit, Md. to Dauphin County, Pa. and took 15 days. Onlookers numbering in the thousands called the event “historic” and “once in a lifetime,” and AREVA and Exelon took great care in terms of public safety and information. Transport crew members from AREVA and Exelon Nuclear are donating their prize money to the Lancaster County (Pa.) Communications/Emergency Management  Services.

“Our close partnership with AREVA enabled us to jointly develop and implement a community outreach program that produced extraordinary support for the transport of the steam generators to TMI,” said Ralph DeSantis, Three Mile Island Communications Manager.

Dominion Power employees at Virginia’s Surry power station collaborated with AREVA to win a TIP award for developing the Deposit Minimization Treatment process to decrease the buildup of sludge on the plant’s steam generator tubes.
This process improves personnel safety and saves processing costs for the stations. Dominion’s leadership enabled the groundbreaking technology to be proved and deployed.

"We are proud to be involved with these fine organizations and to be part of the industry awards selection process," said AREVA Inc. Chief Operating Officer Mike Rencheck. "We thank all the people of AREVA for being able to accomplish these tasks with our customers."


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