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AREVA Hosts Discussion of Nuclear Fuel Recycling as Option for United States

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March 25, 2010

March 25, 2010

AREVA today offered a live virtual tour of its La Hague nuclear fuel recycling facility on France’s Normandy coast, allowing viewers to see firsthand the company’s decades of expertise in recycling used nuclear fuel safely and economically. The tour highlighted that recycling is a proven and practical option as part of America’s strategy for managing used fuel. The virtual tour of AREVA’s recycling facility is now available online.

The live tour gave attendees the opportunity to ask questions of AREVA executives in France and the United States. At the National Press Club in Washington, were Jacques Besnainou, CEO of AREVA Inc., and Alan Hanson, Executive Vice President, Technology and Used Fuel Management. At the La Hague recycling facility in France, were Remi Coulon, Vice President of Strategy and International Projects and Michael McMahon, Director, Strategy and International Projects Division.

“Every country that is a major supplier of nuclear-generated electricity, except the United States, recycles and reuses its fuel,” said Mr. Besnainou. “Now, more then ever, it is crucial to get more out of less. Nuclear fuel recycling simplifies nuclear waste management, conserves precious resources and increases energy security. That is why the United States should reconsider recycling as a solid option for managing nuclear waste.”


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