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Fuel Cycle Engineering and Licensing

Fuel engineering experts at AREVA offer a wide range of analytical capabilities and technology tailored to the specific needs of customers. With more than 35 years of experience, the global team provides responsive, reliable solutions.

BWR Fuel Engineering Services

AREVA provides innovative solutions for every possible fuel performance challenge, including BWR power uprates. With a primary focus on information sharing with customers, AREVA provides relevant information for future use. With advanced fuel designs that deliver successful in-reactor performance, AREVA also offers a wide variety of fuel licensing analyses to support both normal steady-state operation as well as off-rated condition operation.

Features and Benefits

  • Advanced fuel designs
  • A variety of licensing options
  • Broad operational support experience
  • A real-time view of reactor conditions via our unique POWERPLEX-III
  • Substantial investment in BWR methods development
  • Unmatched fuel vendor transition support maximizes reactor operations
  • Technology packages tailored to your specific needs
  • Unrivaled stability protection support
Comprehensive PWR Fuel Engineering Services

Through AREVA’s diverse capabilities and field-proven experience, the PWR fuel engineering offer includes criticality analysis, thermal-hydraulic analyses capabilities, structural and seismic analysis, startup physics testing, core monitoring, crud and corrosion risk assessment and technology access for electric utilities.

Features & Benefits

  • The global resources of a world leader in nuclear energy
  • Use of the latest approved code systems for analyses
  • Licensing or re-licensing support for fuel storage racks
  • A broad range of structural analytical capabilities
  • Technology transfer packages are tailored to specific customer needs
  • Startup physics consultation saves both time and money
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