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Completion of the TOPCO project: Birth of the AREVA Group

September 03, 2001

September 3, 2001

At the Joint Shareholders Meeting of 3 September, the shareholders of CEA-Industrie adopted a series of resolutions to finalize the TOPCO project and unify the forces of CEA-Industrie, COGEMA, Framatome ANP and FCI into a single industrial group called AREVA.

The name AREVA corresponds to a desire by the shareholders to give to the group a name that is simple, easy to pronounced and to write, easily memorized and that rings true for an international group that combines imagination and vitality which pursues an objective : "living better through advanced technology". Trials on focus groups and employees confirmed that the name matched the established criteria.

Less than one year after the project was launched, the structure of AREVA was completed and the capital shared out as follows :  CEA (78.96%), Government (5.19%), investment certificate holders (4.03%), ERAP (3.21%), EDF (2.42%), ALCATEL (2.23%), employee shareholders (FRAMEPARGNE 1.58%), CDC (1.36%) and TotalFinaElf (1.02%).

AREVA steps onto the scene as the world leader in nuclear power (AREVA is present in every aspect of the nuclear power cycle, from mining to facility decommissioning, including both reactor and fuel fabrication) and the second largest group worldwide in connectors. With more than 45,000 employees and sales of some 10 billion euros, AREVA possesses recognized expertise in its business areas and controls the necessary resources to forge alliances for international growth. 


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