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AREVA signs the agreement for the acquisition of ALSTOM's Transmission and Distribution activities

Press Release

January 09, 2004

January 9, 2004

On January 9, 2004, the AREVA Group signed the closing agreement for the final acquisition of ALSTOM's Transmission and Distribution activities*. This transaction was approved by the European Commission and other anti-trust authorities.

The acquisition price should be €920 million: the value of the company, which was calculated in September 2003 at €950 million when the agreement to buy was made, should be adjusted for the closing agreement with an estimated reduction in price of €30 million. This adjustment should be finalized in May 2004, following an audit to be carried out by AREVA with the right to reply. The entire transaction will be financed using the Group's equity.

Through the integration of T&D, AREVA is strengthening its strategic position in the energy sector and expanding its range of services. T&D supplies products, systems and services for the high and medium-voltage electricity markets. They are used to transmit and distribute electricity from the generator to the end user. They also ensure the reliability, quality, and safety of energy flows and operate efficient networks through information management.

Transmission and Distribution is from this date on the fourth Energy Division of the AREVA Group.




Front End


Reactors and

Services Division


Back End





Connectors Division


22% of revenues

18% of revenues

18% of revenues

28% of revenues

14% of revenues

€2.6 billion in revenues

€1.9 billion in revenues

€2.1 billion in revenues

€3.3 billion in revenues**

€1.6 billion in revenues

9,536 employees

13,327 employees

10,719 employees

25,688** employees

14,015 employees

- Mining

- Chemistry

- Enrichment

- Fuel


- Reactors

- Equipment

- Services

- Nuclear Measurement

- Consulting and inf. systems

- Mechanical systems

- Technicatome

- Reprocessing

- Recycling

- Logistics

- Nuclear clean-up

- Engineering

- High voltage

- Medium voltage

- Electrical distribution systems

- Transmission projects

- Energy automation and Information

- T&D services

- Communications data consumer

- Automotive

- Electrical Power Interconnect

- Microconnections


* Given the legal timeframe in some countries, certain activities will be transferred during the first quarter of 2004.
** 2002 pro forma figures, not audited 


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