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Constellation supports AREVA EPR design certification process

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May 13, 2005

May 13, 2005

AREVA subsidiary (*) Framatome ANP has received the support of Constellation Energy for its advanced EPR nuclear power plant design. Constellation Energy formally expressed interest in the EPR design in a May 4, 2005, letter to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) and requested that the EPR design certifcation be included in the NRC's resource planning.

The letter also stated that Constellation Energy viewed the EPR as a viable option to meet its future forecast requirements, and it has agreed to support licensing of the EPR to ensure that competitive new nuclear plant designs are available for future decision making. Constellation Energy has not made a decision to build a new nuclear plant, nor has it selected a specific plant design should it decide to do so.

“There is significant utility interest in the EPR, and this formal support for the EPR is important to the U.S. licensing process,” said Ray Ganthner, Framatome ANP Inc. senior vice president for New Plants Deployment in North America. “Our goal is to complete the pre-application process, submit an application for design certification, and build the first EPR in the U.S. by the middle of the next decade”.

The NRC held a formal meeting with AREVA on March 24, 2005, to discuss the pre-application review of the EPR in support of a 2007 planned design certification application. The evolutionary nature of the 1,600 MWe pressurized water reactor design, and the use of proven, familiar technology and active safety features should facilitate a straightforward licensing review process.

AREVA is building an EPR in Finland, another unit is planned for construction in France, and the design has been proposed for four new units in China. “As the world's leading nuclear supplier, AREVA has always maintained an active reactor construction program,” said Tom Christopher, CEO of AREVA Inc. “The EPR is more than a design concept. In Finland, we're in the process of demonstrating our capability to deliver the world's next advanced nuclear power plant”.

The U.S. EPR will be part of a global fleet of standardized plants. The licensing and engineering work will be done primarily in our Charlotte, North Carolina, and Lynchburg, Virginia, locations.

(*) Framatome ANP is an AREVA (66%) and Siemens (34%) company.


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