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AREVA wins contract for replacement reactor vessel head project at Diablo Canyon power plant

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August 02, 2006

August 2, 2006

AREVA, through its subsidiary AREVA NP, has received a contract from Pacific Gas & Electric Company for two replacement reactor vessel heads at the Diablo Canyon Power Plant Units One and Two.

This Replacement RV head contract includes the manufacture, delivery and installation of the reactor vessel heads, control rod drive mechanisms, integrated head assemblies, and installation and disposal of used equipment for both units at the Diablo Canyon site in Avila Beach, California. Installation for Unit Two is scheduled to begin in fall 2009 and Unit One in fall 2010. AREVA has provided services at the Diablo Canyon site since 1996.

"AREVA has supplied and installed 15 reactor vessel heads in the United States, and we are delighted that we will be able to help PG&E meet their electricity needs in the future by utilizing this experience," said Tom Christopher, President and Chief Executive Officer of AREVA NP Inc., the only fully integrated nuclear supplier wc vith its own dedicated facility for the manufacture of nuclear steam supply system components.

"I am pleased to have AREVA as part of our team for the ongoing success of the Diablo Canyon Power Plant," said Jack Keenan, Senior Vice President - Generation and Chief Nuclear Officer, Pacific Gas & Electric Company. “The replacement Reactor Vessel Closure Head (RVCH) project is particularly exciting because we are working with AREVA to fabricate RVCHs in the United States for the first time in many years.”

"A replacement reactor vessel head with a state-of-the-art integrated head assembly is one of the best economic options for a commercial nuclear utility to choose in today's cost and safety conscious environment to ensure continued operational safety as well as guarantee shorter outage durations and less cumulative personnel dose in the future. AREVA looks forward to working with PG&E to provide clean, safe, cost effective nuclear power for years to come" said George Beam, Senior Vice President of AREVA NP Inc.


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