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Integrated Offer to Support New Nuclear Reactors

AREVA offers clients solutions and services covering the entire life of a plant, from design through disassembly. The offer includes plant operating and fuel management services. This approach is based on the implementation of global and long-term partnerships with clients. It provides assurance of controlled and streamlined costs. It may also include performance-based commitments on the part of the AREVA group, in key areas such as plant safety, performance and availability.

Engineering Services

  • Environmental & Site Selection Services
    AREVA has extensive experience working for customers to effectively address and manage complex environmental and regulatory issues with strong, overall nuclear industry experience. AREVA has specific, directly applicable experience evaluating sources of plant intake water, plant cooling water and wastewater discharges, source water quality and viability and other water study work for nuclear power plant projects. This specialized knowledge and experience with completing analysis to support the preparation of Environmental Reports (ER) and Final Safety Analysis Reports (FSARs) for proposed new nuclear power plants is an asset for performance.
  • Project Development Services
    AREVA has experience with providing licensing services including for Early Site Permit (ESP), Design Certification Application (DCA), and Combined Operating and License Application (COLA)
  • Detail Design Engineering
    AREVA provides a full scope of Detailed Design Engineering (DDE) services for new nuclear reactors. DDE activities result in a final design package for the plant tailored to customer specific requirements and meet regulatory and local requirements. The final design package includes the full plant specifications, design of plant facilities and buildings, provides construction drawings, and detailed specifications for equipment procurement.
  • Radiological & Safety Analysis
    AREVA provides all engineering activities dedicated to probabilistic analyses (PSA level 1,2 and 3, reliability analyses, availability and maintainability assessments), deterministic safety (study of applicable safety regulation, codes & standards, definition of safety requirements, related compliance analyses), coordination of the relations with the licensing authorities and elaboration and management of the Safety Analysis Reports.

Manufacturing & Equipment

Major NSSS Components

AREVA is the world’s only vertically integrated nuclear supplier, with heavy component manufacturing capabilities and/or identified suppliers to provide all of the equipment for the EPR™ reactor. AREVA has successfully fabricated and delivered PWR components (including reactor vessels and steam generators) to customers worldwide. Many of these components are designed and fabricated to U.S. standards and delivered to U.S. customers. AREVA's heavy component capabilities include:

  • Reactor Pressure Vessels
  • Steam Generators
  • Pressurizers
  • Reactor Vessel Closure Heads

Nuclear Measurement Equipment
AREVA provides onsite radiation protection solutions, consulting services and measurement equipment. Clients can therefore run safe facilities where employees are protected. More information here.

Reactor Coolant Pumps & Motors

Control Rod Drive Mechanisms

Fuel Cycle Solutions for New Builds

Fuel Management

AREVA is the world’s largest company comprising the full fuel cycle, from mining, enrichment and fabrication to storage, transportation and recycling.  And, the EPR™ reactor is designed to accommodate 100-percent recycled fuel (MOX).