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AREVA’s Clean-up division carries out large component mechanical maintenance, valve maintenance, mechanical assessment, applied design for specific heavy handling, surface treatment and materials processing operations etc.

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  • Specialized Maintenance - product line leaflet

Built for the Sea. Made for the Wind.

AREVA’s 5-megawatt (MW) offshore wind turbine is efficient, reliable and powerful, and specifically designed for large-scale offshore wind parks.

AREVA designs, manufactures, assembles and commissions 5MW high-output turbines for offshore power generation. AREVA's unique design results in a relatively low weight-per-megawatt, which simplifies transport and erection---crucial logistic and cost factors when working on the open sea. Corrosion prevention through a patented air treatment system ensures that the generator is protected from harsh sea conditions.

Windmills in the Alpha Ventus wind farm in the North Sea

AREVA's turbine is also a proven, bankable technology, as demonstrated by the recent 11-bank financing secured for the Borkum West II offshore wind farm located in the North Sea. This €400 million project for Trianel, an association of German urban electric utilities, will supply 200 MWs of clean energy generated from 40 of AREVA’s 5 MW turbines.

Building from our offshore wind project experience and more than 800-megawatt manufacturing pipeline in Europe, AREVA is prepared to be a major domestic supplier to the emerging North American offshore wind market.

The M5000 wind turbine, chosen to equip the first German offshore fleet

Construction site of the windfarm Alpha Ventus in the North Sea

Powerful and specifically designed for offshore use, the M5000 wind turbine was selected to equip the first wind farm deployed for widespread use along the German coast, in the North Sea (Alpha Ventus project). The six M5000 turbines intended for this wind farm were installed in summer 2009. They entered into service in November of the same year.

Field Report #8: Offshore Wind

Field Report #8: Offshore Wind

Today, offshore wind farm operators require strong partners offering large turbines with enhanced reliability, proven track record, high-performance and cost-effective design for higher water depths and greater distance to shore.

Find out how AREVA is helping utilities to make offshore wind projects successful.

Key Benefits

M5000 Multibrid turbine leaving the production hall
  • Powerful: Each M5000 delivers up to 5 MW of electricity, enough power for 5,000 homes.
  • Corrosion resistant: Patented air handling system protects the turbine’s by pulling in external air, cleansing it of corrosive salt particles, and then blowing the pure, dry air into the tower. This creates overpressure throughout the entire system and ensures that no salty air intrudes into the turbine or tower structure.
  • Reliable: Reduced number of turning components; redundant auxiliary equipment and sensors; robust mechanical design.
  • Easy to assemble: Completing nacelle assembly on land simplifies transport and lifting the structure onto the tower, ensuring a higher degree of safety, and ultimately saving time and costs.
  • Easy to maintain: Continuous remote surveillance of the operating wind turbine and available auxiliary emergency components enable weather-timed and less frequent service and maintenance operations.

AREVA's proven project experience ensures successful installation, even in challenging sea environments with high water depth and remote locations.

AREVA is helping build the offshore wind industry in North America. Let’s discuss what we can build with you.

Technical characteristics
  • Hybrid-drive: Low rotational speed and few rotating parts and roller bearings reduce drivetrain risk of failure to very low levels. Double-tapered roller-bearing in the single-drive gear box connects the rotor with the machine housing. Precise geometric assembly of the rotor bearing and gearbox prevents dynamic rotor loads generating harmful impact on gear meshing. Helical planetary gear train ensures optimal lubrication of all shafts and wheels. Independently, the gearbox permanently supplies the rotor bearing with oil.
  • Light and rigid blades: Made of carbon fiber, the blades’ aerodynamics are optimized for maximum yield and reduced noise emissions.
  • Foundation options: Suitable for a variety foundations types, including tripod, jacket, and gravity.
  • Grid compliant: Generator is connected to the grid via a 4Q converter, allowing maximum speed variability and compliance with all grid directives.