PEM Electrolyzer System

AREVA offers its clients electricity management solutions which enable them to adapt their production levels to meet demand. The group is developing solutions for the production of hydrogen through water electrolysis and the generation of electricity through fuel cells.

Exterior storage
A unique package of CO2-free energy production methods
  • CO2-free hydrogen production: unlike traditional chemical hydrogen production processes, water electrolysis is a clean process which does not produce carbon dioxide.  
  • Less transportation: our solutions enable hydrogen to be produced and stored and then reproduced in the event of a peak in consumption.

The group has a presence in:

  • Large-scale, decentralized hydrogen production
    This is carried out through alkaline electrolyzers, a mature, proven technology. The size of the electrolyzers can be adapted to meet a wide range of hydrogen needs. By adapting electrolyzer operating periods, we can regulate electricity demand.
  • Battery energy storage
    Electricity storage solutions consist of using large-scale batteries and using stored electricity during peaks in demand.
  • Renewable energy generation systems
    Alongside various electricity companies and major partners, AREVA is developing integrated energy management modules. These modules include an electrolyzer, a hydrogen storage system and a fuel cell. This set can be adjusted to suit varying demand and the production of energy. These modules are applied in three fields:
    • Management of peaks in demand on networks,
    • Stabilization of energy supply at isolated sites,
    • Secure energy supply via emergency generator sets.
A range of technologies suited to varied requirements
  • Alkaline electrolysis has the advantage of being ready and quasi-industrial.
  • PEM electrolysis (proton exchange membrane) is promising due to the purity of the H2 produced and the flexibility of the production process.
  • High temperature electrolysis is attractive due to its potential in terms of production capacities.