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Cluff Lake

In 2002, the Cluff Lake mine reached the end of its uranium production. For nearly a quarter of a century the mine was an integral part of northern Saskatchewan. The Cluff Lake mine produced 62 million pounds of yellowcake over a 22-year period.

Cluff Lake

Since mining ceased, AREVA Resources has implemented a decommissioning program to rehabilitate the site. Most of the decommissioning was completed in 2006 after two years of work to fill the open pits, demolish the mill, cover the tailings management area, and reslope and cover waste rock piles.

Over 800,000 trees have been planted and will ensure that the area will gradually blend back into the natural landscape from which it came.

An environmental monitoring program is in effect. AREVA Resources will maintain and monitor the site until the data collected clearly shows that the environment will be protected in the long term and that the site will remain safe for traditional land uses.

The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) renewed Cluff Lake's decommissioning license for a 10-year period, from August 1, 2009, until July 31, 2019. The public will have the opportunity to submit comments to the Chuff Lake decommissioning and monitoring phase at mid-term public proceedings of the CNSC in mid-2015.

Ownership Structure

  • AREVA 100 %
  • Operator: AREVA Resources Canada
Kiggavik Project

The Kiggavik Project in Nunavut is operated by AREVA Resources Canada Inc.