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Leading supplier of low-carbon energy solutions

AREVA is the leading nuclear energy supplier in the United States and a growing player in the renewable energy business. As the only company with expertise in every step of the nuclear energy production cycle, AREVA leads the nuclear energy industry from uranium mining and fuel fabrication to plant construction and nuclear waste management. With a burgeoning renewables portfolio, AREVA offers a range of solutions providing sustainable options for areas throughout the United States.

Power Generation with Less Carbon Made in America

As a business creating a positive impact in America, AREVA generates nearly $3 billion in annual revenue, and directly contributes more than $100 million to the U.S. tax base, including a domestic export platform that represents nearly 12 percent of AREVA's regional business. Through business with thousands of American suppliers, AREVA injects over one billion dollars each year into the U.S. economy, supporting the creation of thousands of jobs.

AREVA is America’s largest supplier in the nuclear energy sector with nearly 5,000 highly skilled workers at 35 locations across the United States and North America, and has roots providing America with clean energy solutions for more than 40 years.

AREVA - A strong investor and job creator in the U.S.

Ready to build the next generation of nuclear power plants and renewables sources in the United States, AREVA has taken the lead by investing millions to create domestic industrial capacity which provides a tremendous boost to American energy infrastructure, the U.S. economy, and will continue to create thousands of jobs.

The design, development and construction of one U.S. EPR™ project will create up to 10,000 direct and indirect high-quality jobs during component manufacturing and plant construction. For the local and regional communities, it is an infusion of several million dollars and tax revenues. Throughout the lifetime a nuclear facility, there is continued employment of more than 400 skilled professional and represents decades of business development. Additionally, it will create more than 400 permanent jobs and spur billions of dollars of investment into the regional economy.

To meet today’s energy challenges, AREVA also has a sizable and rapidly growing renewables sector including biomass, solar, and wind power, as well as hydrogen fuel storage. With a growing potential for renewable energy development, AREVA is ready to expand domestic resources as a leader in concentrated solar power and global experience constructing offshore wind and bioenergy facilities.

With a vision to enable affordable access to ever cleaner, safer, and more economical energy, AREVA is building an industry that provides a tremendous boost to American energy infrastructure and the U.S. economy while creating thousands of jobs, reducing reliance on fossil fuels, and ensuring energy security.

AREVA - Securing the next generation of energy solutions.

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