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AREVA NDE Technology

Itís More Than a Robot Show
Donít Let Technology Leave You Behind

When todayís utilities seek Steam Generator Services (SGS), they want to find the right combination of people, performance, technology and price ó NOT just another vendor. AREVAís Advancing ECT Inspection, Analysis and Remediation Technology gives you access to the latest Automated Data Acquisition Innovation — ARIA. With this integrated system for fully-automated tube inspection, you get variable speed control to increase probe life — and itís compatible with all probe types and multiple instruments and tool heads.

AREVAís Data Acquisition Innovation (ARIA) lets you focus on continuous operation without human interaction:

Highly advanced compared to similar technology
Fully automated acquisition with all probe types
Supports multiple instruments and tool heads
Inspection plan management optimizes schedule
Real-time data quality decision and automatic retest
Systematic link with Auto Analysis Software (AIDA3) to trigger analysis
Eliminates calibration groups for continuous operation
- Process adaptations maintain accurate calibration over probe’s life and monitor noise level changes
Unique probe management features improve data quality and extend probe life
- Dynamic sampling to manage speed in critical areas of the tube
- Exact control of probe start/stop position
- Improved centering and cupping
- Tube-by-tube landmark references


AREVA provides more than the worldís most efficient robots: The latest software; the most advanced probes, continuously improved through substantial R&D; superior data collection, and reliable data interpretation by highly qualified experts. Itís all-encompassing attention you can count on.


Every Innovation Has a Mission. To learn more about securing the future of your ECT Inspection, Analysis and Remediation Technology, contact:

Eddie-Ivins   Eddie Ivins
Manager, NDE Solutions
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