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AREVA NDE Technology

Itís More Than a Robot Show
Donít Let Technology Leave You Behind

When todayís utilities seek Steam Generator Services (SGS), they want to find the right combination of people, performance, technology and price ó NOT just another vendor. Thatís why AREVAís Advancing ECT Inspection, Analysis and Remediation Technology now offers the next-generation tube inspection probe (SHIVA). Fully integrated with ARIA and AIDA software, SHIVA performs single-pass inspection, and requires no special equipment, standards, or personnel training.

AREVAís next-generation tube inspection probe (SHIVA) ó Your key to higher resolution at a reduced price:

Fully integrated with Data Acquisition Software (ARIA) and Auto Analysis Software (AIDA3)
Truly capable of single-pass inspection with dual techniques
Successfully field-tested with exceptional performance on cracking, volumetric degradation and other potential conditions
Satisfies inspection needs of bobbin, rotating and array probes in a single scan
Superior sensitivity, access and reliability compared to other qualified probes
Probe life targets to eliminate probe changes during an inspection
No special equipment, standards or personnel training required

AREVA provides more than the worldís most efficient robots: The latest software; the most advanced probes, continuously improved through substantial R&D; superior data collection, and reliable data interpretation by highly qualified experts. Itís all-encompassing attention you can count on.


Every Innovation Has a Mission. To learn more about securing the future of your ECT Inspection, Analysis and Remediation Technology, contact:

Eddie-Ivins   Eddie Ivins
Manager, NDE Solutions
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