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AREVA NDE Technology

Itís More Than a Robot Show
Donít Let Technology Leave You Behind

When today’s utilities seek Steam Generator Services (SGS), they want to find the right combination of people, performance, technology and price — NOT just another vendor. AREVA’s Advancing ECT Inspection, Analysis and Remediation Technology keeps you ahead of the game with the latest software at a price you can stand behind. AREVA’s Auto Analysis Software (AIDA3) uses independent algorithms to perform parallel analyses with all probe types. The result? Extremely accurate analysis — faster and with fewer analysts.

AREVA’s Auto Analysis Software (AIDA3) — Your key to fast, accurate analysis at a reduced price.

No investment required since AIDA is already EPRI AAPDD qualified for bobbin, array and MRPC

Proven with more than 90 deployments in the U.S. alone

Capable of any manual or automated analysis scenario, providing flexibility

Multitude of parallel analyses providing timely information to make informed decisions


Flaw / non-flaw

- Deposit
- Structure mapping
- Noise
- Historical data comparison
Independent detection algorithms for all probe types
Independent tube verification using ET signatures to ensure the quality of the examination
Automated incremental sizing (line-by-line) reducing the need for analysts
Faster analysis with far fewer analysts
Extremely accurate and lowest false call rate to expedite the analysis process

AREVA provides more than the worldís most efficient robots: The latest software; the most advanced probes, continuously improved through substantial R&D; superior data collection, and reliable data interpretation by highly qualified experts. Itís all-encompassing attention you can count on.


Every Innovation Has a Mission. To learn more about securing the future of your ECT Inspection, Analysis and Remediation Technology, contact:

Eddie-Ivins   Eddie Ivins
Manager, NDE Solutions
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