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AREVA NDE Technology

It’s More Than a Robot Show
Don’t Let Technology Leave You Behind

When today’s utilities seek Steam Generator Services (SGS), they want to find the right combination of people, performance, technology and price — NOT just another vendor. With AREVA’s Advancing ECT Inspection, Analysis and Remediation Technology, you get more than just a robot. The Adjustable Length Eddy Current Snorkel (ALECS) tool allows inspection personnel to make easy adjustments without platform support.

AREVA’s Adjustable Length Eddy Current Snorkel (ALECS) tool – a simple tool to reduce dose and increase production.

Remotely operated from outside containment, reducing dose

Designed for all inspection techniques, all probe sizes and the new AREVA Triple Guide Tube, eliminating time-consuming equipment positioning

Eliminates need for personnel on the platform adding / removing sections of ET conduit, saving dose
Able to extend / retract up to 48"

AREVA provides more than the world’s most efficient robots: The latest software; the most advanced probes, continuously improved through substantial R&D; superior data collection and qualified automated data analysis to improve your SG inspection program’s cost and outage schedules. It’s all-encompassing support you can count on.


Every Innovation Has a Mission. To learn more about securing the future of your ECT Inspection, Analysis and Remediation Technology, contact:

Eddie-Ivins   Eddie Ivins
Manager, NDE Solutions
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