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AREVA Pump & Motor Services - See More Value
Every innovation has a mission

When facing aging component challenges, you need a provider you can trust. It’s more than a business transaction…it’s a relationship. AREVA stands ready to serve as your trusted partner for pump and motor services.

What makes a relationship with AREVA different? Our pump & motor specialists are easy to work with from start to finish — and our shop has an open-door policy. With AREVA’s culture of operational excellence, we’re committed to getting your job done right the first time. You can be confident that we stand behind our services, and we even invite you to see work on your component as it progresses.

AREVA is the vendor you can trust. With project managers solely dedicated to pump and motor work, we keep you up-to-the-minute on the status of your component refurbishment. We communicate with you early if we discover issues and work together to determine the optimal path before proceeding.

Our specialists have extensive skills gained through a combination of shop refurbishment experience, field experience, and specialized training. Our teams work on pumps, motors and seals year round — some with over 75 refurbishments under their belts — providing a broad background that brings a high level of credibility and quality to every job we do.

Passionate about reliability and accountability, we stand behind the work we do. Our warranties are some of the best in the industry for the products and services that come out of our shop.

With AREVA, you get the full picture from an experienced, cost-competitive and committed provider. For more information on how AREVA can help you see more value for your pump and motor maintenance and service needs, contact:

Bill Stafford
Business Manager, Pump & Motor Services
Mobile:  434.841.0803
bill.stafford@areva.com or rcpExpert@areva.com


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