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The power generation market is perpetually changing and raising new challenges for your BWR operations. AREVA has engineered the ATRIUM™ 11 Fuel Assembly with the future in mind to help operators meet these emerging challenges and keep BWR generating costs among the lowest on any grid. Now operating in reactors in four countries, including the U.S., ATRIUM™ 11 is delivering capabilities that are vital for BWR operators.


Delivering on Efficiency

Unrivaled dry-out performance and optimal axial and radial fuel distribution allow more energy to be extracted from your enriched uranium product purchases

Delivering on Performance
The 11x11 fuel rod array significantly reduces the duty on individual fuel rods providing the margin needed for optimized operating cycles and rapid maneuvering

Delivering on Reliability
ATRIUM™ 11 combines the finest level of filtering with spacer grids specifically designed to avoid entrapment to eliminate debris fretting failures

Delivering Innovative Fuel Designs as Promised

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