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Advanced Codes & Methods: Licensing A Critical Element for Operational Excellence

AREVA’s Advanced Codes and Methods bring unmatched analytical power by coupling 3D neutronic, thermal-hydraulic, fuel rod thermal-mechanical and system-wide calculations to more accurately model modern reactor operations.

PWR applications are based on the ARCADIA® code system. The system consists of the ARTEMIS™ core simulator, COBRA-FLX™ core thermal-hydraulics code, and the GALILEO™ fuel performance code. Surrounding this code suite is the LADON™ software package which provides a comprehensive user environment for user-friendly management of code input and output. BWR applications are based on AURORA-B. This system consists of the MICROBURN-B2 core simulator, S-RELAP5 a reactor system thermal-hydraulic code, and the RODEX-4 fuel performance code.

The PWR applications are also coupled with the updated S-RELAP5 reactor system thermal-hydraulic code and seamlessly link to the ARGOS™ universal core monitoring system with flexibility to support any PWR fleet of reactors.

AREVA’s Advanced Codes & Methods can offer:

Fuel cycle cost savings associated with lower feed batch size, higher discharge burnup capability, and optimized gadolinia loadings. These benefits stem directly from the coupled analysis approach of the advance package along with the lowering of uncertainty factors. A key advantage of ARCADIA® is its ability to optimize gadolinia loadings, and therefore better control peaking and improve cycle economics, particularly for 24-month fuel cycle designs.

Increased operating flexibility and optimal fuel management provided by margin gains and reduced net calculation uncertainty. Application of high-resolution (pin-by-pin) 3D-coupled transient methods eliminates gross conservatisms inherent in the classical deterministic, uncoupled methods and thus, removes limiting transients such as the locked rotor, control rod ejection, and main steam line break from being “obstacles” to improved operations.

A modern graphical user interface with powerful pre- and post-processing capabilities moves the user closer to the actual reactor physics and plant dynamics. Included is a comprehensive user environment with business and integration services, efficient code input management, highly automated calculation sequences, and flexible output processing tools.

These advanced code systems set a new standard in nuclear plant analysis.


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