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Environmental/Climatic Testing Lab - US Technical Center

The AREVA Environmental/Climatic Testing Laboratory conducts a wide range of environmental testing using programmable environmental chambers.

Each environmental chamber is equipped with cable ports, allowing units under test to be fully operational during testing. Available services include compressed air, water, and electrical power in addition to cables for monitoring performance and data output.

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Digital Data Records

Thermocouple readings are recorded using digital data recorders, which feed data directly to the lab’s data collection and management network. Up to six thermocouple readings can be recorded simultaneously. Recording frequency is programmable, depending on the duration of the test program.

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Programmable Control

Image: Espec

AREVA environmental chambers are equipped with a programmable controller to ensure that test parameters are programmed to match customer requirements.

Programming options include automatic start and stop functions, temperature/humidity changes, time at temperature, test duration, and user configurable alarm conditions. Abnormal test conditions result in local and remote alarms allowing prompt investigation and resolution to minimize downtime.

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Benchtop Chamber

Just the right size for small components and materials, the benchtop chamber combines reliability, ease of operation, and convenience. Temperature control ranges from -35°C to 180°C, and up to 95% relative humidity (%RH).

Interior Dimensions (inches)

  • Length - 14
  • Width - 19
  • Height - 23
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Reach-in Chamber

The reach-in chamber is equipped with a shelf for flexibility of staging items during testing. Forced air circulation eliminates temperature gradients within the chamber. Temperature control ranges from -35°C to 180°C, and up to 95% relative humidity (%RH).

Interior Dimensions (inches)

  • Length - 24
  • Width - 19
  • Height - 29
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Walk-in Chamber

For larger units under test, the walk-in chamber allows systems of multiple components to be tested together as one item.  Several large cable ports allow for multiple interface or control cables and services for complex components.  Wide double doors make it easy to position heavy or bulky items with a forklift or overhead crane.

Temperature control ranges from -30°C to 150°C, and up to 95% relative humidity (%RH).

Interior Dimensions (inches)

  • Length - 112
  • Width - 101
  • Height - 101